Derived from recommendations by leading security organizations, the Totem Top 10™ is our take on the 10 most important cybersecurity safeguards you should put in place right away. Whether you are pursuing NIST 800-171/CMMC compliance or are just looking to establish a cybersecurity program to reduce overall risk, the Totem Top 10™ provides you with the most relevant and cost-effective information to get started.

Our list contains safeguard descriptions, as well as helpful resources to assist you along the way. We have also included all corresponding NIST 800-171 controls that you can assess against as you implement each Totem Top 10™ safeguard.

1. Know Your Assets

2. Train Your Users

3. Protect Your Endpoints

4. Patch Software & Operating Systems

5. Restrict Admin Privileges

6. Harden System Components

7. Segment Your Network

8. Backup Your Data & Test Restoration

9. Enable Multi-Factor Authentication

10. Collect & Analyze Event Logs

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