Cybersecurity Consulting

Cyber-security Consulting
Why Choose Totem for your Cybersecurity Consulting Business Needs?

        Totem’s Cybersecurity Consulting Management Team provides a clear and up-to-date understanding of your company’s cybersecurity defenses as it relates to the wave of ever-changing threats is vital in securing your organization. Totem’s Cybersecurity Consulting Business Services provide an assurance that your company is equipped with knowledge, awareness, and a demonstrable IT risk management strategy. The Cybersecurity Consulting Management Team provides sound and neutral advice to ensure your architecture is maintained at the highest standards. We help you take the uncertainty out of cybersecurity compliance and build your confidence in being able to maintain a secure business. 

        The Totem Cybersecurity Consulting Management Team brings more than a decade of experience and expertise . As current United States Air Force weapons systems contractors ourselves, we possess key insights with relevant and current information. Who better to offer Cybersecurity Consulting Business Services than a company that is not simply offering a service but one that offers insider knowledge on today’s requirements? 

Let our expert cybersecurity consulting management team help you:

• Evaluate your current defensive structure

• Develop a sound cybersecurity policy

• Conduct risk assessments

• Discover vulnerabilities or potential holes in your defenses

• Create or improve upon the incident response plan of your IT department

Totem’s Cybersecurity Consulting Management Team successfully walks the walk as a current DoD contractor and provide small businesses with Military-Grade Cybersecurity. We look forward to sharing our knowledge to help you achieve your goals.

Learn more about our Cybersecurity Consulting Business Services


Cybersecurity Consultaning Business Services start with identifing the threats, vulnerabilities, and impact of cybersecurity risks to your organization.


Let our consultants help you determine if your organization’s cybersecurity controls are in compliance with current requirements through a gap assessment.


Our Cybersecurity Consulting Management Team can scan your system which will expose weakness and help you stay ahead of the latest vulnerabilities.


Instead of searching for a generic cybersecurity template let our Cybersecurity Consultants help you develop custom policies and plans that will best protect your business.


Our Cybersecurity Consulting Management Team is certified to test your organization’s defensive structure. Penetration Testing often finds weaknesses in your cybersecurity architecture. Regular Pen Tests help identify vulnerabilities.


If your company develops software or applications, uses customized implementations of software, our cybersecurity consultants will simulate attacks to find weaknesses and suggest improvements.


Totem's Cybersecurity Consulting Business Services include investigating potential risks in all of your products, software, and ensuring your vendors are secure and compliant with best practices in cybersecurity.


A common misconception is that in-house or outsourced IT personnel understand and adequately protect your operations. This is not always true. Totem's Cybersecurity Consulting Management Team will train your IT administrators how to correctly manage all aspects of your companies cybersecurity.


Many small businesses can't afford a Security Operation Center (SOC) to manage their cybersecurity. Totem Cybersecurity Consulting Management Team will train individuals within your organization to act as 'hunters’ to identify the latest cybersecurity threat sources and indicators of compromise (IOC) so they can stop breaches before complete organizational compromise occurs.


The largest cybersecurity threat you have is your employees. Our cybersecurity consultants will customize training for your IT users and employees according to your organizational policy.


Your employees will be tested through a phishing attack on your users. This simulation will provide a valuable cybersecurity training experience and help your team learn how to spot future attacks.

If cybersecurity is not in your realm of expertise, don’t worry. Cybersecurity Consulting is what we do best. Let one of our cyber-experts walk you through it so you can get back to what you do best.

Teaming up with Totem Cybersecurity Consultants ensures that best practices in the industry are being applied to your company’s security structure. We believe in a proactive approach - harden your processes, hunt for threats, and be prepared to heal quickly in the event of a cybersecurity attack.

Losing access to your network, the confidentiality of your clients and employees, or the integrity of your business; let alone the embarrassment and damage that a cybersecurity breach can have on the reputation you’ve built is systematically preventable.  Our Cybersecurity Consulting Management Team at Totem will align your network and processes with state-of-the-art cybersecurity frameworks and training. This process strengthens configuration and streamlines business IT processes. The ultimate goal of identifying cybersecurity vulnerabilities within your system is to prevent damage to your company, your employees, and your clients.

A passive approach to cybersecurity requires nothing beyond waiting for basic tools to alert you about anomalies, attempted security breaches, or cybersecurity events that will harm what you work every day to build. By taking a proactive approach to cybersecurity, you are in charge.  This does not mean threats to your organization will end, but our cybersecurity consultanting management team will train you organization to hunt for intrusions and cybersecurity threats against your company versus the alternative, which is watch and wait for something to happen. Our in-house cybersecurity consultants at Totem will train your IT staff to take charge of your own cybersecurity; to be hunters.  You may also decide to handle the hunting from our operations center. Whatever you choose, you will be proactively taking charge of the future of your cybersecurity operations.

Our Cybersecurity Consulting Business Services prepare your business for a cybersecurity system breach or data compromise. Being prepared will make the healing process less intrusive.  Totem provides services to assist you every step of the way—from data recovery to complete restoration of system functionality.  Our consultants will help you determine the root cause of your cybersecurity problem as well as where and when the breach took place in order to fix those causes, plug the holes in your network and processes, and reduce the risk of future cybersecurity threats and system compromise.

The Totem’s Cybersecurity Consulting Management Team can help you navigate your cybersecurity needs. Don’t panic. Contact us for help!

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us