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Free tools we created for your CMMC compliance journey.

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DoD Self-Assessment SPRS Scoring Sheet

A checklist that you can use to calculate your DoD Self Assessment (SPRS) score.


Graphic depicting Totem's roadmap to CMMC compliance
CMMC Compliance Roadmap

An interactive graphic showing major milestones to achieving a CMMC Level 2 certification.

Security Impact Analysis (SIA) Process Template

A template that you can use to perform a Security Impact Analysis.

Separation of Duties Matrix

A worksheet that your organization can use to plan and demonstrate separation of duties.

CUI Identification Guide Flowchart

An interactive PDF to help you identify Controlled Unclassified Information (CUI) in your environment.

Assumed Risk Assessment Template
ECA Certificate Procurement Steps

A PDF that explains the steps to procuring a DoD External Certification Authority (ECA) certificate.

Employee CUI Handling Guide Template

A template for a guide to provide your employees so that they can effectively identify and handle CUI.

CUI & System Inventory Template

A robust template to help you identify your assets and understand how CUI flows into and out of your organization.

FIPS-validated cryptography template image
FIPS-Validated Cryptography Scoping Template

A template you can use to scope and address FIPS-validated cryptography requirements for CMMC.

SSP Introduction & SEPG Template

A template to use to describe your covered system and Security Engineering Process Guide (SEPG).

Acceptable Use Policy (AUP) Template

A template that your organization can use to develop an Acceptable Use Policy (AUP).

CMMC Level 1 Checklist for protecting FCI
CMMC Level 1 Checklist

A checklist that you can use to assess your compliance with the 17 CMMC Level 1 safeguards.

CMMC Continuous Monitoring Template

A template that your organization can use to plan its Continuous Monitoring program.

Incident Response Plan (IRP) Template

A template that you can use to document your Incident Response Plan (IRP).

Secure Configuration Settings Template
Security Configuration Settings (Hardening) Checklist

A checklist you can use to securely configure (“harden”) your IT components.

MSP Shared Responsibility Checklist

A checklist containing all NIST 800-171 controls which can conceivably be outsourced to an MSP or MSSP.

Totem's Cybersecurity 101 eBook

An eBook we created to help you learn how to secure Controlled Unclassified Information (CUI).

Computer Incident Response Aid Guide

A guide that your employees can refer to in the event of a computer-related incident.

Totem Top 10™ in NIST 800-171 and CMMC
Totem Top 10™ Infographic

A handy graphic that describes the 10 most important cybersecurity safeguards.

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Download our interactive CMMC compliance roadmap!

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Download our FIPS-Validated Cryptography Scoping Template!

Download our SSP Introduction & SEPG Template!


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Download our CMMC Level 1 Checklist!


Download our CMMC Continuous Monitoring Plan Template!


Download our Incident Response Plan Template!

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Download our Security Configuration Settings Checklist!


Download our MSP Shared Responsibility Checklist!

Download the Totem Cybersecurity 101 eBook!


Download our Computer Incident Response Aid Template!

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Download our Totem Top 10 Infographic!

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