The Totem Journey

        We started our government contracting journey in 2015 after CEO Aliahu “Alli” Bey was awarded a multi-million-dollar U.S. Air Force tactical weapons support contract. One portion of the contract provided cybersecurity on ruggedized deployable laptops. Alli reached out to a former business colleague, Adam Austin, owner of a cyber company in Pennsylvania. As a cybersecurity expert, Mr. Austin’s experience and involvement was a no-brainer and he was promptly brought on as a partner.

        In 2017, adherence to NIST 800-171 requirements, which state that small businesses (like ours) must comply with more than 300 cyber-requirements and controls that the large Prime Contractors adhere to (DFARS 252.204-7012). Mr. Austin spent nearly a year combing through hundreds and hundreds of requirements and created an early version of what we now call Totem’s Cybersecurity Planning Tool, a revolutionary organizational software that meshes perfectly with cybersecurity and compliance requirements for our existing DoD contracts…and yours as well. The compliance software was created out of necessity for the NIST 800-171 cybersecurity framework but now with a simple toggle switch can help you manage HIPAA, GDPR, and ISO 27001 requirements. The daunting requirements were a real headache and they weren’t going away without concentrated, proactive, and unrelenting effort to simplify the process.

        Proper cybersecurity and compliance are much more than pretty packaging and eye-catching graphics. We have been awarded and currently execute government contracts so we do what you do every day. We will show you how we do it and customize a plan to get your company up to speed. We also provide cybersecurity consulting and training services to help you get compliant and secure now without the ridiculous costs of our nearest competitors. We cater to small businesses so Totem services will fit perfectly with your current business structure and it is customizable so it will grow with you. We want this to be easy for you.

        The Totem name was born from the backstory of the owner and his wife Gretel. Alli meet Gretel while stationed in Alaska. They had a local tribe carve their wedding rings. After the success of Totem’s parent company Haight Bey and Associates, Alli decided to return to the same company to purchase a totem pole. He brought it back to Utah and built a conference room around the totem pole. It was in that room that the inspiration came for the Totem Cybersecurity Planning Tool and later the dba Totem Technologies. We have not only an inclusive internal culture, but we take care of all of our customers like they were family. From the beginning, we had our customer in mind. That’s you.

Welcome to the Totem family.