Cybersecurity Essentials Online Workshop

A single cyberattack could mean the end for your small business. Are you prepared?


Cybersecurity Essentials Online Workshop

Cyberattacks are on the rise, and small businesses are primary targets.

Totem offers an affordable online workshop geared towards small businesses across all industries. During this five-week entry-level course, our instructors will coach you through building a robust and cost-effective cybersecurity program that will significantly lower your cybersecurity risk.

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Our virtual Cybersecurity Essentials workshop is led by Totem’s team of seasoned cybersecurity experts, who themselves work for a small business.  They have first-hand experience!

We teach relevant cybersecurity best practices for small businesses.

During our virtual Cybersecurity Essentials course, you will be instructed on how to build a “defense-in-depth” cybersecurity program according to our Totem Top 10™ methodology. This framework, derived from leading industry recommendations and our own small business experiences, outlines the 10 most important safeguards for lowering your cybersecurity risk.

Additionally, attendees will be informed on important cybersecurity trends (e.g., ransomware and cryptomalware) and their relation to small businesses.

The Totem Top 10™:

  1. Know Your Assets
  2. Train Your Users
  3. Protect Your Endpoints
  4. Patch Software & Operating Systems
  5. Restrict Administrative Privileges
  6. Harden System Components
  7. Segment Your Network
  8. Backup Your Data & Test Restoration
  9. Enable Multi-Factor Authentication
  10. Collect & Analyze Event Logs

We take a complex topic and break it down so small business employees, without a security or IT background, can understand and protect their business.

Meet Your Instructor

Nathan Headshot

Nathan Cross - Cybersecurity Engineer

Nathan is a Cybersecurity Engineer experienced in helping small businesses with cybersecurity hygiene and compliance, including meeting DFARS 252.204-7012, NIST 800-171, and CMMC requirements. His goal is to help small businesses prioritize and implement cybersecurity best practices in a cost-effective manner.

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