Cybersecurity Training

Totem Provides a Variety of Cybersecurity Training for Businesses

Our cybersecurity training will help your business understand complex cybersecurity compliance requirements, provide entertaining annual awareness training, phishing simulations, and more. We use multiple platforms to deliver cybersecurity training your business needs: E-learning, virtual classroom, in person interactive compliance workshops, and on-site cybersecurity training for your specific business needs.

Cybersecurity Training in Person

Cybersecurity Planning

Interactive Cybersecurity Compliance Training

Totem's interactive cybersecurity compliance workshops are a hybrid between a traditional classroom setting and on-site consulting. During the workshop you work side-by-side with one of our cybersecurity engineers to develop your custom System Security Plan. We help you create policies and procedures that work for your business and meet your compliance requirements.

small business cybersecurity requirements for government contractors

Cybersecurity Awareness Training

The largest cybersecurity threat your business has is its employees. Our cybersecurity trainings are customized for your business according to your Authorized Use Policies (AUP) and other procedures you have in place. Don't have an AUP yet? That is okay. We can help.

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IT Administrator
Cybersecurity Training

A common misconception is that in-house or outsourced IT personnel understand and adequately protect your operations. In our experience, especially for organizations that have cybersecurity requirements, most businesses need additional assistance. Our cybersecurity training will prepare your business by teaching your IT administrator(s) how to correctly manage all aspects of your cybersecurity.

Online Cybersecurity Training

Cybersecurity Requirements for prime Government contractors

DFARS E-Learning Series

Defense contractors are finding themselves overwhelmed trying to understand the ever-changing cybersecurity requirements. Our online DFARS cybersecurity training provides your business with 18 lessons in CMMC/NIST 800-171 compliance. This cybersecurity training is spread over seven weeks. At the end of seven weeks, one of Totem's cybersecurity engineers will provide a compliance assessment using the DoD Assessment Methodology.

Webinar Cybersecurity Training for Business

CMMC / NIST 800-171 Virtual Classroom

Totem provides cybersecurity training for businesses that work with the DoD.
Since our clients are spread across the nation, one of the most efficient and affordable ways to train is through online, live, virtual classroom.
We understand learning online doesn't provide the same hands-on touch, but we do our best to provide the same interaction we would in our
face-to-face cybersecurity trainings and on-site consulting.