Cybersecurity Training for IT Administrators​

Cybersecurity Training for IT Administrators

Cybersecurity Training for IT Administrators

Totem’s cybersecurity training will ensure your IT Administrators are well-rounded in solving different problems related to cybersecurity. While many information technology (IT) administrators are capable of performing complex tasks within your organization and set up security measures to protect your company, they are not always sufficient for implementing cybersecurity infrastructure. 

Our cybersecurity training for your IT administrators provides a plan of action to protect your company and, in the case of an information security incident or breach, react swiftly and appropriately in accordance with an incident response plan


Threat Hunting Training for IT Administrators

Many small businesses can’t afford a Security Operation Center (SOC) to manage their cybersecurity. Our cybersecurity training will teach your IT administrators to act as ‘hunters’ to identify the latest cybersecurity threat sources and indicators of compromise (IOC) so they can stop breaches before complete organizational compromise occurs. We can also provide tools and education about free and low cost resources that will help secure your company.

Cybersecurity Best Practices for IT Administrators

Totem’s cybersecurity training empowers your IT administrators with knowledge regarding software and hardware tools as they build or improve the security of their IT infrastructure. At Totem, we have extensive experience with hardening defenses, threat hunting, and recovery following a cybersecurity event. If you have been tasked with developing a cybersecurity program for an organization and don’t know where to start, check out our Cybersecurity Best Practice Guide for IT Managers.  

If you need additional help we can discuss your company’s risk and needs then provide a custom cybersecurity approach. Contact us today for more information about the benefits of Totem’s Cybersecurity Training for IT Administrators for your cybersecurity infrastructure.