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Cybersecurity Awareness Training

So, what is Different about Totem Cybersecurity Training?


Totem uses a team empowerment approach in Cybersecurity Awareness Training.


Totem consultants learn Your organization to customize the Cybersecurity Awareness Training for your business needs.

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Totem focuses on creating an organizational culture change with Cybersecurity Awareness Training that encourages employee buy-in.


Totem initiates a paradigm shift from fear to strength.

Convert the Weakest Link into the Strongest Line of Defense

        Many business leaders don’t consider their human assets as the weakest link, in the context of information security. Employees are often the most vulnerable against cyber-criminals and other external threat actors. Many successful attacks occur from carelessness, negligence, ignorance, or violations of your current company policies. With an effective information security awareness training, an organization’s workforce can be the strongest active defense to prevent cybersecurity incidents and breaches. Totem’s Cybersecurity Awareness Training includes identifying social engineering, practicing operational security, and other valuable exercises for empowering an organization to combat common cyber threats.

Why should I train my workforce on phishing awareness?

        Phishing is one of the most prevalent and effective methods of social engineering. If any employees from a business are victims of phishing, then the business’s internal network as well as company or client information can be compromised. Totem’s Cybersecurity Awareness Training provides your workforce with practical skills to effectively recognize and respond to phishing attempts. This is accomplished by testing and training all organizational members against Totem’s well crafted phishing campaigns to yield lasting results. 

The Buck Stops at the Top

        The CEO and business leadership are responsible for an organization’s effectiveness on performance, compliance, and information security awareness. An organizational cultural change occurs from the top-down when Cybersecurity Awareness Training becomes a priority for employees. An executive should not categorize either his or her organization as an insignificant target for malicious adversaries only to fall victim to common cyber threats.

        In military terms, it is the commander who is ultimately responsible when a perimeter is breached, not the individual soldier in the guard tower. If Cybersecurity Awareness Training is a priority for your workforce, then the chances of compromise within your IT systems and assets greatly diminish. Regardless, employees will look to their CEO and business leaders during a cybersecurity incident or breach. An organization must be prepared, from the top-down, to react to cybersecurity events with poise and proper strategies.

Don’t leave your team in the dark. Cybersecurity Awareness Training for your employees is like handing out night-vision goggles.

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