Cybersecurity Awareness Training

So, what is about Totem Cybersecurity Training?


Totem Uses a Team Empowerment Approach in Cybersecurity Awareness Training.


Totem Consultants Learn Your Organization then Customize the Cybersecurity Training and Services your Business Needs.


Totem Focuses on Creating an Organizational Culture Change with Cybersecurity Awareness Training that Encourages Employee Buy-in.


Totem Initiates a Paradigm Shift from Fear to Strength.

Cybersecurity Awareness Training for the Weakest Link

Most business owners don’t see their greatest asset as their weakest security link. Employees are your first line of defense when it comes to cybersecurity. Many successful breaches of security occur due to carelessness, ignorance, or violations of your current company policies.  Through cybersecurity training, we create a culture of awareness which is key to defending your company from phishing attacks, the most common trick used against end-users to gain their trust through familiar names, language, logos, color schemes, and company titles

Cybersecurity Training – Phishing for Weaknesses

If any of your employees take the bait, your entire data network may be hacked and your protected company or client information is vulnerable. Totem’s Cybersecurity Awareness Training is designed to create a paradigm shift at all levels of your company. Cybersecurity training creates a culture where awareness is not a failure in hindsight but a tool that ensures the security and success of your company in the future.

Cybersecurity Training for your IT Administrators

Information Technology Administrators are, no offense, sometimes not all that you may think they are.  While many IT professionals are capable of performing complex tasks within your organization and set up respectable security measures to protect your company, our experience—and test results— show that hiring an IT professional to oversee cybersecurity is not always enough. Data shows that your IT department may be limited in its ability to adequately protect your company. We are not here to step on toes or hurt somebody’s pride but let us help you be sure that your cybersecurity structure is airtight with our IT administrators cybersecurity training. Besides, confidence is more important than pride when questions of compliance may impede the progress of your company. 

We will provide cybersecurity awareness training for your administrators and create plans of action to protect your company and, in the case of a cybersecurity attack, react swiftly and appropriately in accordance with regulations. Creating a plan with our experts during your cybersecurity training will help you minimize the aftershock of a security breach. Totem Cybersecurity Training empowers your IT manager with knowledge regarding the latest tools, technology, software, and hardware as they develop or improve any IT system. While your IT administrators may know your specific system, we know how to harden your defenses, hunt for threats, and heal quickly in the event of a security incident.  Whatever the skill level of your IT administrator, Totem Cybersecurity Training can improve your defensive architecture in the following ways:

Better protection for your company 

More effective hunting capabilities 

Faster recovery and shorter downtime 


The Buck Stops at the Top

The CEO is personally responsible for cybersecurity awareness and an organization’s performance and compliance.  An organizational cultural change occurs when this top-down approach spreads throughout your company and it only happens when cybersecurity awareness training for employees becomes a priority. Don’t label your company ‘Unsinkable’ only to ram all-ahead-full into a cybersecurity threat that could have been prevented by basic cybersecurity awareness.

Totem’s Cybersecurity Training equips your company with a human intrusion detection system of continuous hunting—not just threat monitoring. Our cybersecurity awareness training for employees teaches your organization, not just your IT department, to work as a multi-layered defense system that “hardens” your network using awareness, tools, and knowledge.

When a perimeter is breached, it is the commander who is ultimately responsible, not the individual soldier in the guard tower. If cybersecurity awareness training for your employees is not a priority, infiltration of your organization is inevitable…and it will be on you. After all, the buck stops at the top.


Don’t leave your team in the dark. Cybersecurity Awareness Training for your employees is like handing out night-vision goggles.

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