Totem Top 10™ Gap Assessment and Policy Development

For small-to-medium-sized (SMB) looking for help strengthening their cybersecurity, Totem Technologies will perform a Security Assessment, or “Gap Analysis”, according to our Totem Top 10™ cybersecurity methodology. This assessment is ideal for SMBs operating across all industries, whether regulated or not.

We’ll help you develop custom policies, personalized strategies, and a game plan that fits your small-to-medium-sized business needs and reduces your overall cybersecurity risk.

What to Expect During the Assessment:

  1. Know Your Assets
  2. Train Your Users
  3. Protect Your Endpoints
  4. Patch Software & Operating Systems
  5. Restrict Admin Privileges
  6. Harden System Components
  7. Segment Your Network
  8. Backup Data & Test Restoration
  9. Enable Multi-Factor Authentication
  10. Collect & Analyze Event Logs

✔ The Security Assessment will take approximately 30 hours.  This can be increased or decreased as needed.  We understand that 30 hours is a lot of time to dedicate to an engagement like this, so we spread the assessment time over several weeks.

✔ Prior to the engagement, Totem will provide a security assessment preparation checklist as well as a spreadsheet listing the Totem Top 10™ controls as a “read-ahead” to familiarize your organization with the controls and requirements for compelling evidence.

✔ A cybersecurity engineer from Totem’s Cybersecurity Assessment Team will work with your staff members to review the information systems, policies, processes, and procedures that relate to your organization’s small business cybersecurity posture.

✔ Totem manages the assessment in our proprietary Totem™ Cybersecurity Compliance Management tool.

What Your Organization Will Receive After the Assessment:

At the conclusion of Totem’s security assessment, your organization will receive the following deliverables:

Here’s what Totem customers have to say:

"I have worked with the Totem team on multiple gap assessment and SSP development projects and my experience has always been the same: they are professional, knowledgeable and genuinely care about growing the cybersecurity posture of SMBs."
Aaron Freiheit
Karman Space & Defense
"The Totem Technologies team was with us every step of the way on our journey towards CMMC compliance. Adam and Nathan have answered every question and addressed every concern. They worked with our corporate team to find cybersecurity solutions that work and make sense for our organization. We are a small disadvantaged, minority business enterprise, and Totem has helped give us a leg up on our cybersecurity capabilities so that we can remain competitive in the DoD Information Technology industry."
Joseph McIntosh
Suhdutsing Staffing Services
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