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Penetration Testing

Network Penetration Testing 

Penetration Testing can test your organization’s defensive structure from the perspective of the adversary.  Penetration Testing (pentesting) is one of the best ways to find weak spots in your IT architecture and attempt to breach the network in a controlled manner. Penetration testing reveals vulnerabilities and identifies what to classify as priority fixes.

Application Penetration Testing 

Organizations that develop web-app.s or specialized software need to conduct the same type of penetration test (pentest) that standard IT networks need. Finding software weaknesses in a contained environment through regular penetration testing will facilitate security suggestions and improvements if weaknesses are discovered.


Penetration Testing is where we pretend to be the hacker and attempt breach your cybersecurity defenses.

Cybersecurity Consluting for SCADA


A penetration test helps us identify weaknesses in your armor and repair it before things get real.


We’ll hack you with a sophisticated penetration test then we will help you maximize your cybersecurity defenses to keep the bad guys out of your business.

If there’s a weakness, we’ll find it.

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How Does a Penetration Test Work?

The cybersecurity of your business is essential for keeping your company safe. Malicious cyber-attacks can result in extreme issues for your business, including loss, theft, and compromised vital information. Your system contains a significant amount of vital information that needs to be protected. Insufficient cybersecurity defenses can allow hackers access to this important information, which presents the potential for theft, identify fraud, and even disabling your business functions.

Understanding your security system is vital in protecting your information. Penetration testing (pentest) can allow you to find vulnerabilities in your system before they cause devastation to your business. Finding potential weaknesses will allow you to protect your business from cyber-attacks.

Why Penetration Testing?

Penetration testing (pentesting) is a form of testing that utilizes the same tools and techniques that hackers use. By simulating possible threats, we can find chinks in your cybersecurity’s armor. If our pen test allows access through your system’s security, then steps must be taken to minimize the business’s risk.

The emulation of a hacker’s techniques will allow us to determine vulnerabilities in the security system. Finding the potential weaknesses will allow possible security risks to be addressed, providing your business with the best cybersecurity possible. Regardless of a hacker’s motives, serious damage can be done if they succeed in accessing your system’s data.

Benefits of Penetration Testing

Penetration testing helps to identify risks and prevent cyber-attacks from happening. It can serve to identify exploitable vulnerabilities, such as financial information, personal information, and access to the business’s functions. Penetration testing allows for the testing of cybersecurity controls and helps you to determine the effectiveness of your security system.

It is far better for a security risk to be discovered by a designed pentest than to be found by a hacker. This form of “ethical hacking” allows problems to be discovered and then resolved, preventing extreme issues before they happen. A penetration test allows for scheduled maintenance and protection of a security system because it allows for the discovery and resolution of any new security risks without compromising security.

Penetration testing is a valuable tool for identifying security risks before they result in serious problems for your company. A penetration test will allow you to be certain that your cybersecurity is sufficient to prevent a potential cyber-attack.

Unlike a vulnerability assessment, a pentest is designed to determine whether unauthorized access is possible. Penetration tests should occur both from the inside and the outside of the security system, to determine where any potential weaknesses may be present. A thorough penetration test will allow for maximum cybersecurity.

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