Cybersecurity Compliance

Cybersecurity Policy Management
Cybersecurity Compliance Regulations

        Cybersecurity compliance is a complex maze of federal and industry regulations and standards that you need to pay attention to.  Around every turn, there is another acronym; NIST, Hipaa, Sox, GDPR, or ISO 27001. Don’t get lost, get on board with Totem’s Cybersecurity Planning Tool (CPT) and make cybersecurity compliance  stress-free for your organization.

Cybersecurity Compliance for Executive Management

        The key to cybersecurity compliance and the audit process is to recognize the cybersecurity framework approach as common sense—a matter of security and executive management best practices. It’s about having a carefully thought-out plan about your risks, how your organization will respond to a threat or breach, and training the team responsible for action.

Let Totem's Cybersecurity Planning Tool software make sense of your cybersecurity compliance requirements.

Cybersecurity Compliance Strategies
from the Top 100 Firms


Attempt to measure the effectiveness of their compliance programs.


Anticipate that their total compliance budget will be significantly higher over the next 12 months.


Outsource or plan to hire outside firms to assist with compliance requirements.

Cybersecurity Compliance          with the Proper Education

        To evolve from a passive company equipped with a monitoring system into a proactive organization with a culture     of cybersecurity awareness, a top-down approach is required.   As administrators invest in employee training and promote awareness from within, future outside threats will be minimized  or avoided.

Protect your Business. Train your Organization.

Totem Cybersecurity Consulting

        Our cybersecurity engineers provide risk assessments, organizational vulnerability testing, penetration testing, gap analysis . These are just a few of the proactive measures we take to ensure your business stays current and relevant to today’s threats. Compliance to the myriad of regulations and government controls requires a hardened IT security posture in order to be successful in today’s environment.  Our cybersecurity consultants ensure that your business is in secure hands.

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