Accreditation Body Unveils New Details about CMMC Assessor Training

How the DoD Plans on Training Professional Assessors

The CMMC framework is unfolding at a rapid pace including the upcoming Assessor Training. This reflects the DoD’s urgency of securing the Defense Industrial Base (DIB) from foreign adversaries. Throughout the process, the government has been emphatic in its desire for transparency and collaboration with contractors, suppliers, and the general public. This has resulted in an ongoing series of National Conversations: streaming webinars being shared with the 3,500 interested parties who have
signed up on the CMMC Accreditation Board website.

The latest National Conversation unveiled exciting new details on the training framework for CMMC Assessors. Ben Tcoubineh, Training Committee chair, explained the following.

The CMMC Assessor Training Timeline

Provisional Training Program

Beginning this summer, the CMMC AB will lead a provisional training program. This will be a 3-6 month online program with a carefully selected group of 60 experienced auditors from the private sector. This first phase will enable the CMMC AB to validate their training methodology in a limited, controlled environment.

Formal Training Program

Later this year or early next year, the CMMC AB aims to begin a formal training program. This will be a long-term educational program which leverages the CMMC AB’s extensive partner network to operate at whatever scale the market demands. Multiple formats for training and testing are anticipated, including online, at universities, and at training centers.

Four Accreditation Levels

CMMC Assessors will have four accreditation levels. The Certified Professional (CP) level is the prerequisite for all other certificates; DoD has mandated that this level must be open to all military veterans, as well as those with relevant academic or professional experience.

Formal CMMC Assessor Training Levels

The Certified Assessor Maturity Level 1 (CA1) can certify businesses up to CMMC Level 1. The next level, CA3, can certify up to Level 3. The highest level, CA5, can certify at any level whatsoever.

Mr. Tcoubineh added that training instructors would need to be certified at the level that they wish to teach. Below is the description for the CMMC -AB Credentialed Professionals taken from

CMMC Assessor Levels

Accreditation Tools

CMMC Assessors will have to use assessment tools specifically selected by the CMMC AB, although eventually they hope to open up and allow assessors to use their own. The CMMC AB is also working on templates for legal documents like NDAs, which some C3PAOs may require assessors to sign.

New Cost Details Released by CMMC AB

The CMMC AB just provided the cost structure for those wanting to become assessors, C3PAOs, and consultants.  Check out our CMMC Pricing Blog that break down all the different costs and requirements.

Preparing to be CMMC Assessor

The CMMC AB has not released the actual training or the training cost to become a Certified Professional or Assessor.  If you are an IT or Cybersecurity Analyst that is considering becoming an Assessor we have helped hundreds of contractors and are experts with the NIST 800-171 controls (the first DFARS Cybersecurity requirement). 

Totem is now helping educate other professionals on these requirements.  Check out our DFARS Cybersecurity Virtual Classroom to see how you can better prepare for the CMMC Assessor requirement and prepare your company to get a CMMC certificate.  

The CMMC AB Board's Commitment

Throughout the conversation, Mr. Tcoubineh emphasized the CMMC AB board’s commitment to flexibility, scalability, and standardization, all of which will be key to certifying large numbers of professional CMMC assessors during these trainings.

For contractors, vendors, suppliers, and other interested CMMC watchers, one thing is certain: the pace will only accelerate from here!

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