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Cybersecurity Consulting

The requirements for cybersecurity compliance are becoming more demanding due to the nature of the attacks that criminals use to breach your defenses.  They are not attempting to break down your defenses, they are only looking for a weakness; a hole.  Any hole in your defenses gives them the keys to your sensitive data and the information of your customers.  Totem’s Cybersecurity Consulting will help you test your defenses by playing the devil’s advocate and attempt, using the same tactics as cyber-criminals, to breach your security network. Once we assist you in finding your weaknesses, we will make recommendations to harden your system security, become compliant according to government regulations, and ensure your business prospers. 

Cybersecurity Training

The Totem approach to cybersecurity awareness training for employees is based on a philosophy of empowerment instead of fear. We view the threat from a proactive perspective versus a reactive crisis management response. Cybersecurity training makes your team stronger and more confident with an orientation of moving from cybersecurity awareness to action, prevention, and resolution. Our training inculdes cybersecurity awareness, phishing, user, admin and management training, incident response preparedness, as well as procative hunter training. 

Cybersecurity Compliance Software

As Department of Defense contractors ourselves, we know first-hand about the complexity and sheer enormity of the task of becoming compliant to hundreds of government regulations.  Most of our employees are military veterans and we hold United States Air Force weapons systems contracts so we understand that acronyms are a part of the military lingo. Learning any new language can be difficult so we are here to help you.  We will help you understand what they mean and what you need to do to become compliant to NIST, HIPAA, GDPR, and ISO 27001 requirements and guidelines. Our goal is to help you become confident so the next time you are asked if your company is compliant, you will confidently answer ‘Yes, we are.’ 

Cybersecurity Policy Management
Totem's Cybersecurity Planning Tool (CPT) makes compliance simple!

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